Short Essay – Depression


Depression is a state of mood that can make a person feels very sad and unable to live their life in a normal way. The depression itself can affect the person’s daily activities since it does not only involve the mind, but also the physical condition. Anyone can suffer from it no matter how old they are. Depression among students is a serious problem.

First, signs and symptoms of depression can be identified. It is not difficult to find out whether a person is suffering from it or not. There are several signs that are visible such as loss of interest in daily activities. Basically, the person loses the ability to enjoy his hobbies, pastimes, or social activities. In addition, low tolerance and short temper are also a sign that he is depressed. Everything and everyone makes him angry or irritated. However, symptoms of depression are felt by the person. These symptoms are more difficult to identify. There are several symptoms that can be identified easily such as feeling of hopeless. In this case, he will feel that nothing or no one can change his life into something better. Also, he will have trouble in concentrating in class, making a decision, or remembering things.

Second, person who suffers from depression can be helped. The most common way to support a friend who is suffering from it is by encouraging him to get a proper treatment such as consulting to a therapist. The right therapist will be a supportive and caring partner in order to help him facing his condition. There is also another way to support him, which is by showing our emotional support. Be a good friend and stay by his side and do whatever you can to help him get through it.

Last but not least, there are some things that you should not do to a depressed person. First, you should never accuse the person of faking illness. Depression is a real disorder as real as the other diseases such as diabetes, pharyngitis, tuberculosis, and so on. Second is do not say anything that can discourage the person. Saying things like “You are strong, you will be fine.” is not a great respond. Instead, you can say “I believe in you, and I know you can get through it. I will always here supporting you.” which is way better. Or if you still confused what to do, you can call the suicide help center.

Even though we know that someone close to us is suffering from depression, we cannot simply leave them alone. They need our help and support. We need to stay by their side so he or she will not do anything that can harm him or herself.