monochrome rainbow #END

my world is magnificent

but he’s still 

not here

I want to see him

where is he?

I saw a lake

could he be there?

there was no one 

I want to see him

I looked 

into the reflection 

of myself 

on the water 



whose eyes are these?

these are not mine

could it be?

monochrome rainbow #2

my world was dull

everything was 

black and white

but then 

he came

telling me 

about each color

that exists

in this world







and violet

he explained 

one by one

all those colors 

made a beautiful


I kept wishing 

that one day

I could see

the rainbow 


with him

Beautiful Nightmare

Cage of Endless Dream 

   “Someday, one day, my prince will come to me. He will wake me up with his kiss.” I said to myself, quietly, and slowly fell into another dream. 

   There was a beautiful girl. Her skin was white as snow, brown silky short hair, rosy cheeks, red lip, and there were no flaws on her. She was perfect. However, she was all alone in the forest, she seemed confused. Perhaps she didn’t know why she was inside the forest all alone. She kept walking through the forest. She looked around, looking for a way out. 

   After a moment of walking, she finally got out from the forest. She was standing in front of a small house. The girl then decided to check the house, and perhaps asked the owner if she could stay for a while. She went inside the house, and saw that there were seven small beds just right in front of her. Confusion and fatigue combined into one, so she just fell asleep as soon as her slender, bright skinned body laid on the bed. 

   When she was asleep, the owner of the house just returned. Apparently, the house was owned by the seven dwarves. They looked confused because there was a beautiful girl sleeping on their beds. Most of them didn’t do anything, they were mesmerized by her beauty. But one dwarf was kind of upset because there was a stranger sleeping on his bed. He kept ranting, ranting, and ranting. Then, the girl started to wake up. She could have heard the dwarf’s rants. As expected, she was confused as well. She stood up, looked at the dwarves, and then smiled at them.

   “Oh, I’m so sorry. I got lost in the forest, and then found this house. I was actually going to ask if I could rest in here for a while, but there was no one so… I’m so, so sorry.” She apologized.

   The dwarves seemed to be fine with her sleeping without their permission , except for the grumpy one who still looked annoyed. She decided to do something in return. She cooked and cleaned the house. She cooked breakfast and gave goodbye kisses to the dwarves before they went mining. They enjoyed each other company. After the dwarves came back from mining, they ate dinner together with the girl. The happy days continued day by day. 

   However, that happiness didn’t last long. A strange old woman wearing a black hood came to the house. She offered a fresh red apple to the girl. Being innocent and clueless, the girl ate the apple which was actually poisonous. Then, she fell to the ground. She was killed by that strange woman. Not long after that, the dwarves who just came back from the mine, found the girl was lying on the front door. They tried to wake her up, but didn’t work. They cried because they couldn’t protect her at all.  She was dead. She was put inside a glass casket, with flower petals all around her body. The dwarves cried, cried, and cried. 

   A fine young man riding a white horse arrived at the house. He was surprised to see that the beautiful girl he saw and fell on love with was lying inside the casket, lifeless. He then open the glass cover and grabbed her hand. He kissed her soft, bright skinned hand. He didn’t cry, instead he rose up and gave the girl kiss on her lip. It was a miracle. The girl who ate a poisonous apple, she woke up from her deep, eternal sleep. The young man and the dwarves were very happy to see that the girl was awake once again. Then, the girl and the young man left the dwarves’ house and lived together in a happily ever after life. 

   I was back again in this place. Locked up by someone or something I didn’t know. I have no freedom. I’ve been locked in here for a long, long time. I don’t know how long I’ve been in this cage. I have stopped counting the days because I got bored with it. It was cold and lonely in here. 

   “Where am I?” I asked, hoping for an answer.

   “Why am I here?” I asked again, but there was still no answer.

   “At least let me dream a happy dream.” I said. 

   The days went by. I kept falling into a dream where other people were happy instead of me. The girl with glass slippers, the girl who was cursed to fall into a eternal slumber, and the girl who live in a castle together with a powerful, yet scary beast. 

   “What year is it outside this cage?” I asked myself.

   I wondered if this was my fate, to be locked inside this cold cage, longing for a kiss from a prince who will never come. This wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t want to be trapped in this endless nightmare. There was nothing I could do to stop it though. I still fell into a different dream every night. 

   “What should I do to lift this spell?” I asked myself.

   “Please let me dream a happy dream.” I begged.

   “Someday. One day. My prince will come. He will wake me up. He will wake me up from this dream, this spell, this curse.” I said and then fell into another dream. Again. 

Eternal Punishment 

   I woke up from another dream. Another nightmare. Endless nightmare. As always, I was all alone in this place. There was only silence. I was all alone in this cage, and there were only clouds outside. The sky was dark, but I still could see some stars above. There was nothing I could use to break free from this cage. This cage only had a round bed at the middle, and I couldn’t possibly use it for anything. I started to question the reason why I was here.

   “Is this my punishment?” I asked.

   “But what did I do to deserve this?” I asked again.

   “Please answer me! Anyone!” I yelled, but no one could hear my scream. 

   Desperation filled my mind. I couldn’t take this anymore. I laid myself on the bed, looking at the sky. Tears were rolling down on my cheek. This was too much, but I didn’t know what to do. I cried and cried until I fell asleep. I fell into another dream, but there was something different about this dream.

   I saw a girl. She had a long, red hair. Tall, not too fat, but not too thin, with bright and soft skin. Her body figure was perfect. She was known as the Goddess of Youth and Beauty. She was popular in the kingdom. Everyone was paralyzed by her perfection, even the women were jealous of her. However, her beauty was just a mask. Her so-called beauty and perfection were just a mask to cover her evil, wicked, ugly side. 

   The girl was actually a princess in the kingdom. She was the only child in her family, so her father, the king spoiled her. Her servants did everything for her; foods, dresses, shoes, anything she needed. She never thanked the servants after what they have done for her. When one of her servants did something wrong, even a small, tiny mistake, she punished them severely.

    One day, a servant was sentenced to death. He was accused of murdering a young girl in the kingdom. However, he didn’t have the intention to do such thing in the first place. The princess was the one who asked him to kill the poor girl. The reason of the murder was because the princess found this girl more beautiful than her. She had a slim and bright skinned body. She, on the other hand, had one thing that the princess was lacking. A gentle smile. At first, the servant declined her command, but the princess seemed unhappy with his respond.

   “Do as I said or I will make sure you cannot live another day! Now go! Bring her head to me!” she commanded, pointing out to the door. Then, the servant left in a hurry. 

   The next day, the servant returned to the castle with a girl head inside a leather sack. He then gave it to the princess, and her reaction was a pure insanity. She laughed hysterically, and then brush the head’s hair. After doing such a messed up thing, she asked the servant to get rid of the head. She asked him to throw the head into the river behind the castle. He did as asked, and left the throne room. 

   Unfortunately, when the servant was about to throw the head, a group of women saw him carrying the head. They screamed, loud enough to make the men who were around at that time came to them. Then the servant was caught, he was put in the underground prison. He couldn’t do anything about it. Even though he said that he was asked by the princess to kill the girl, no one would believe him. The sun had set, and the execution took place in the town square. His head was cut off by the executioner. Every people in the kingdom saw the execution procedure, including the king, queen, and the princess. The servant’s blood flowed into the ground. The wicked, evil princess smiled a little. 

  One night, something bad happened to the princess. She was found dead inside her room , on the bed. Her head was decapitated by something. It seemed to be a huge, powerful, wild animal. Maybe this was what they called as Karma. 

   I woke up from that dream. It was indeed strange, for it didn’t have a happy ending. Something wasn’t quite right, I felt that I know that servant’s face from somewhere. I got out of the bed and walked to the bars. I looked at the distance sky, then I heard something fell on the floor. I turned my back to see that there was a mirror lying on the floor. I picked it up, and put it on the bed. 

   “Why am I here?” I asked. 

   “Can someone tell me why I am trapped in here?” I asked, but there was only silence. 

   “Do you want to know?” a voice was heard.

   “Who’s there?!” I asked, slightly surprised. 

   A man wearing a long black hood appeared behind me. I could only see his mouth. His eyes and nose were covered by the cape. He was carrying a giant scythe on his back, attached to his hood. At first, I thought he was Death. I was wrong, Death was supposed to be in a form of skeleton with a torn robe. He introduced himself as the Punisher.

   “I am the Punisher, and I will make you see the truth for yourself. As well as the reason why you are here.” He said.

   “What? What are you going to make me see?” I asked, confused with all of this. 

   “Take the mirror that fell a moment ago, then look at the reflection. You will see the truth, and the meaning of the dream you just had.” He said, pointing to the mirror on the bed. 

   I picked up the mirror, and saw the reflection of the princess in my dream. In fact I was the princess all along. I dropped the mirror, and it shattered into pieces. This was the truth. I was the princess who asked an innocent man to do such horrible thing. Now I know. The reason why I was trapped in here. Everything. 

   “So this is my punishment?” I asked, looking down at my feet. The Punisher didn’t say anything. 

   “You know what? I deserve this. Go ahead and give me the punishment that I deserve.” I said, looking at the Punisher. Again, he didn’t say anything, he just disappear into thin air. I felt dizzy all of a sudden, and fell on the bed. I started to lose my consciousness, and fell asleep. I fell into another dream.

   I was sitting on a iron chair at the town square, and my body was tied up. I couldn’t move a finger. I heard people cheering and ranting at the same time. They were people of my kingdom. Perhaps they also found out the truth that I was the one who killed the beautiful girl. I kept telling myself that this was just a dream, another nightmare, and I will wake up soon. Then, I saw the executioner walking towards me, carrying his huge iron guillotine axe. As soon as he stood in front of me, he swung his axe and it cut my head off. 

   Something wasn’t right here. I can feel the pain. This was no longer a dream. This was real. I couldn’t wake up. This was the reality. Then, my head reattached to my body, and the executioner swung his axe again. My head fell on the ground, and then reattached again. It happened over and over, and I still felt the pain. In the distance, I saw the Punisher. He lifted his cape off his face, and I could see his face now. It was him. He was the innocent servant that was executed. He just gave me a smile and then bowed down. After that he walked away, leaving me punished in this hell. Tortured. For my sins. And I deserve this.